Dear Diary Day 7

No gym today sadly, but I missioned the loft with all the boxes from the festive season near killed me but needed to be done.

Working hard  (studying) but getting side tracked with other people’s issues and problems overtaking mine. Really need to focus more and make sure I carry my plans to fruition first sometimes without getting drawn into others lives.

Stayed up way too late tonight, not getting enough sleep, I work so much better when I do, but hate that feeling of needing to go to bed, feel like it’s giving in. Instilled when young where I always wanted to stay up and saw bed as a punishment.

New week new beginnings.


Dear Diary Day 6

So Christmas decorations down and ready to be boxed and put back into the loft. An interesting parental conversation with total misunderstanding of my job roles yet again. Deeming social media as the devils work, totally neglecting the technology movement and growing with the times. Social media in the way I use it is a method of PR, advertising bringing awareness to those using it of the businesses and organisations I work with, of their events and products.

Still nasally impaired such a drag. I am aiming to go to the gym tomorrow though and start to feel a bit more me.

Back to work on Monday at the school Health Centre, looking forward to the routine again, and progressing with my counselling, Mindfulness and CBT studying to add to my bank of qualifications in holistic therapies.


Dear Diary Day 5

Damp day, woke up feeling ok then gradually got worse again with this cold. Never blown my nose so much in my life. I at the moment am everything I dislike about young children from past memories where they have yellow/green snot dangling from their noses and wax bunged ears. A real no no for me. Disgusting, but with a cold like this it’s not from poor hygiene just continued over production, leaving me with a very sore nose.

Fairly productive today not as much as I would have liked but the final examination was never going to be a piece of cake. Time to take down the decorations too. I love the lights wish they could stay up, I guess I would get fed up with them eventually.

New year, time to venture back to the gym and get active that might help the cold. Bought a yoga mat today not to do yoga but to do floor work inbetween the gym.

No excuses.


Dear Diary Day 4

So it was a mission day today early start to Bath. Ignorant drivers on the road. Damp day that lead to strong winds.

Nothing worse than having s cold in the wind. As it lashes your face trying to undress you, you desperately try to stop your nose from running, imagining everyone is aware of your predicament as they pass you by.

Successes on the vinyl front pretty pleased with myself couple of HMV deals as a member more than half price. Also some ahead of time Christmas prep cards and crackers.

No assignment work completed but full day tomorrow and over the weekend.


Dear Diary Day 3

Why do I seem to be the only one still with Christmas lights up. I’ve always taken them down just before the sixth night, I shall stop putting them on over the weekend and start to pack Christmas away, everyone else has decided to do it earlier this year.

Found my necklace phew! it’s quite an unusual one a large red Swarovski crystal on a black necklace. They don’t sell them anymore so I would have been really sad. Classic place to find it down the side of the sofa.

So fed up with this cold still bunged up again blowing my nose continually all Day and I’ve had a headache.

Although I haven’t worked on my assignments I have been running social media and phoned the actress I’m PA to ….very excited about this year! Also set up Instagram accounts.

Early start tomorrow ….


Dear Diary Day 2

Just as I thought the cold was waning than I wake up in the middle of the night bunged up. A really scary and disgusting feeling at the same time. I fall back to sleep, one of those deep ones mixed with a nightmare, before getting up, soon followed by money arguments with my daughter,  much better to start the day with a cup of tea at least. They were however soon rectified. Have I said I am still bunged up with this stupid cold?This is the last day of the holiday period so we decided to visit a local outlet, it was absolutely mobbed in the car parks. Yet going around the shops there was very little left in the way of deals.

Still used it as a bit of bonding time as my daughter drove me. The first time out with her since she passed her test several months ago.

Feeling a mixture of eagerness, excitement, positivity and strength to get my teeth into my projects. Full working day tomorrow finishing assignments making headway.


Dear Diary Day 1

So it’s the beginning of the New Year 2018. It begins for me with a massive hangover, after a night of over zealousness with the bubbly unfortunately, and I’m still suffering with this stupid cold I’ve had for weeks now. I rarely get ill, so never really stop and test when I am, it’s an inconvenience. I’ve decided that I should put together goals that I can work towards that will help this year be the one I move nearer to reaching my full potential.


Setting up my therapy business

Losing weight and improve my overall fitness.

Seeing friends more regularly

Decluttering my home

Planning for more creativity, writing, poetry, painting and music


Stop analysing the past and let it go

Try something new.

This diary idea is to help me positively structure my life.